Primoris Bulgaria AD

Инфоком Инженеринг БГ


Primoris Bulgaria is an internationally accredited laboratory under ISO 17025 for the analysis of pesticide residues and mycotoxins, GMO, microbiology and viruses in food and feed.

The lab is part of the international group Primoris Holding together with Primoris Belgium, Primoris Colombia, and Primoris Costa Rica.


With the help of analyzes carried out in Primoris Bulgaria you can prove the quality of your products and win new markets.

Analyzes made in our laboratory help your company to reduce the risk of loss for your production.

Инфоком Инженеринг БГ
Инфоком Инженеринг БГ


Primoris Bulgaria is located in Plovdiv. The lab has modern equipment and qualified staff, thanks to which you get trusted results.

Our services are used by official and other organizations such as: producer associations, control bodies, trade companies, food industry, retail, scientific centers and others.


Primoris Bulgaria is accredited by BELAC (the Belgian accreditation body) for analyzes of pesticides and contaminants in food and feed. It has a certificate 057-TEST with the corresponding accreditation scope.

Инфоком Инженеринг БГ

Инфоком Инженеринг БГ


The laboratory strives to provide quick analysis and high reliability of results, paying special attention to serving its customers.