SNet Ltd.

Инфоком Инженеринг БГ


SNet Ltd. was founded in 2001. and is specialized in the field of information and communication systems. The company offers delivery of individual components and complete solutions.


The dynamics of the IT services market also necessitates a constant expansion of the company's portfolio. The company is oriented towards creating and building projects in the field of communications:

  • Design and construction of structured cabling systems;
  • Wireless connections;
  • Assembling of computer configurations;
  • Fleet management via GPS devices;
  • Development of telemetry devices via LAN and GPRS transmission environment.
Инфоком Инженеринг БГ
Инфоком Инженеринг БГ


SNet Ltd. has good business relations with the most important distributors of computer and communication equipment and software on the market, which guarantees the quality of deliveries and excellent after-sales support.


Throughout its dynamic development, the company is structured and positioned to meet all requirements and changes occurring in the information technology market.

SNet Ltd. strives to offer reliable and effective solutions to its clients, which will best meet their expectations and needs and be used long and seamlessly.

Инфоком Инженеринг БГ

Инфоком Инженеринг БГ


For you - our future and current customers, the company offers a rich and quality spectrum of GPS, GPRS and IT services using the latest technologies and software tools. Guaranteed quality and quick solution to all technical problems!